Can we live without our phones? Some are taking a digital detox regularly

January 28 2020

Love them or loathe them, mobile phones have become an indispensible part of our lives. With potentially all who we are online and on a handheld device, how do we get some privacy or turn down our addiction? I put these questions to some very thoughtful people.

Can we live without our phone?


  1. My little monster has me by the palm of my arthritic hand. It’s an amazing little machine that can answer questions, show you maps, play music and radio, calculate sums, provide hours of fun with mind-numbing games. While at the same time giving you RSI, keeping you immobile, softening your muscles, depriving you of long range vision, nature, exercise, creativity – and real connection.

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  2. I really love going camping where there is no phone, no wifi, but I do appreciate my phone, I find it useful for music and audio books. I make a conscious effort not to use social media to much, it really is a time thief and I find it leaves me feeling blah if I waste time looking at facebook or instagram. The one thing I really love about my phone is the sense of connection and security it gives me in regards to other family members, I know my daughter can reach me if she needs me or if something happens and that does give me what is perhaps a false sense of security.


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