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Doggie dementia is becoming more common now our best friends are living longer

Dogs are living longer these days thanks to better veterinary care. But, there’s a downside that’s taking many by surprise.

Candace Bonham with her dog Mama . Photo: Candace Bonham


Coptic Christians flee an unwelcoming Egypt, seek refuge in Australia

Peter Tadros says life for Coptic Christians in Egypt is full of danger.ABC RN: Laura Brierley Newton




Produced and presented Crossroads, a series of features on the Arabic speaking and north African communities in Australia on ABC Radio National’s Life Matters.

More coming up on the series soon



Edited the text of the Addison Rd Community Centre Annual General Report 

Entrance to the Addison Rd Community Centre in Marrickville.
Entrance to the Addison Rd Community Centre in Marrickville
Mahmoud Darwish
Mahmoud Darwish, Palestinian poet 1942-2008



Poet of the people: Mahmoud Darwish

I worked with Radio National’s Poetica in 2011–three years after Darwish died– to put together a story about his work and the people who love his poetry in Australia.

I spoke to academics, local Palestinians from all age groups who could recite his poetry beautifully, and understood the layers of meaning within it.

Darwish wrote passionate poetry about despair and love, about Israelis and Palestinians trapped together and waiting for someone to throw them a line; about his lovers – both Arab and Jew and about hope.

This is a short excerpt from the piece which you can hear in full here



Sidewaysglancing at the media

Eagle looking sideways, Roger South CC
Eagle looking sideways,
Roger South CC

This was a project i worked on in 2003 that gave voice to Muslim and Arab young people who wanted to say something different than what the mainstream media was saying about them and their community.

There was a lot of creativity and high energy, and i put together several short music pieces. Below is one of them.

Opening theme: Sideways glancing at the media


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