Buildings kill millions of birds. Here's how to reduce the toll

Norman Day, Swinburne University of Technology As high-rise cities grow upwards and outwards, increasing numbers of birds die by crashing into glass buildings each year. And of course many others break beaks, wings and legs or suffer other physical harm. But we can help eradicate the danger by good design. Most research into building-related bird…

Coronavirus: 5 ways to manage your news consumption in times of crisis

Mark Pearson, Griffith University Thousands of employees internationally are already working from home in COVID-19 self-isolation because of their recent travel, related symptoms or immune system vulnerability. But to do so while habitually checking the news on devices – and allowing 24/7 news channels to play non-stop in the background – might erode your productivity…

Dogs and why they change us

Why and how we connect with dogs is a complicated question. But one answer could be empathy in both dogs and humans.

Taking care of dogs with dementia: Kerry and Kenzo’s story

Kerry Mcmyler lives in Lancashire in the UK.  She’s had her dog Kenzo, a Labrador Collie cross for 15 years–ever since he was a puppy. She says he chose her from a litter of nine, barging past all of them to go to her. When she moved away some six years ago, her parents took…

Should arms manufacturers sponsor Invictus?

As the Sydney Invictus Games come to a close,  perhaps unsurprisingly, media coverage didn’t address an important question. And it’s this:  why are arms manufacturers sponsoring an event for people disabled by injuries of war? In a provocative and thought-provoking piece, anti-war activist Nick Deane asks this very question. And he also asks about the…

Urgent Work: Nick Deane

Nick Deane is an Australian peace activist who along with others, has dedicated much of his life to creating a just world.  In this profile story, he talks about why he puts his body on the line for peace.

How ISIL got here

The attack on Jakarta Thursday, was part of a campaign targeting citizens of countries fighting Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria, according to a statement released by the group.