Coffee Break


The Night Air
Sunday 3 August 2008 8:00PM
Coffee Break,

Time for a cuppa! In your daily coffee cup there are stories: about people, the environment, liberation struggles, friendship and art.

Coffee has helped mostly city-dwellers create outdoor cultures and social rituals, come up with new ideas and negotiate relationships. Yet the story of coffee is also about relationships between rich and poor.

In the home of coffee–’Ethiopia–coffee farmers rarely get a fair price for their beans—a fact of life for most coffee producing countries.

Come with Nadyat El Gawley she travels through time to Sydney’s earliest coffee houses and Melbourne’s contemporary coffee culture. We visit Australian brigadistas picking coffee beans in Nicaragua over 20 years ago, question advertising and dive into caffeine obsession. And after your latte, cappuccino and macchiato—shake your body to a rich Night Air blend of caffeinated music from across the coffee-growing and coffee-quaffing world.

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